Indigo Holidays Getpacking

Indigo Holidays Getpacking

Overview & challenges

Low cost carrier Indigo outsourced the management of it’s holiday business to Ires Networks. As part of the comprehensive outsource, Ires Networks is responsible to create, manage, contract travel elements from various suppliers providing hotels, transfers, site seeing etc. and finally bundle these elements with Indigo’s real time air inventory to create a holiday package. End consumers finally buy the available packages from the airline web site.

Unlike ancillary travel verticals like air or hotel only, creation of packaged offerings has it’s inherent complexities like supplier contracts, validities and number of other business rules. Additional requirement of interfacing with real time air inventory adds to the process complexities like adequate back office support.


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Philogy delivered the solution which seamlessly addresses above challenges and eliminates the human intervention during the procurement process. Appropriate information flow/alerts tightly control the entire process and human involvement is only limited to the admin processes between airline and Ires Networks.